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Want to Become a #1 Bestseller?

Do you still want to become a #1 bestselling author on Amazon? Do you know how to skyrocket your book sales without a bigger platform, email list, paid traffic, or an expensive PR campaign? It starts by understanding how your readers buy books today, and how you can connect with them. That’s why I’m so excited about Bestseller Ranking Pro.

Bestseller Ranking Pro provides authors and publishers with live data on all 19,669+ bestseller lists on Amazon for eBooks and physical books, as well as advanced video trainings on how to maximize your sales and sales rankings on Amazon. Right now, Bestseller Ranking Pro is open for Early Access and there are only a few hundred spots left before they raise the price. You can get full access to the entire training course, software, and bonuses for as low as $97.

Tom Corson-Knowles, the author who founded Bestseller Ranking Pro, spent six long years trying to get a traditional publishing deal (and failed miserably). He finally decided to self publish his first book on Kindle in February, 2012. That one decision changed his life (and the lives of the more than 30,000 authors he’s since taught how to write, publish and market their books professionally). Just twelve months after self publishing his first book, Tom had his first $12,000+ month from Kindle ebook royalties alone.

In Bestseller Ranking Pro, Tom will share with you his step-by-step system for becoming a bestselling author. These strategies have also helped Tom and his private publishing clients create more than sixty-seven #1 Amazon bestselling books and counting.

P.S. Tom isn’t just a successful author. He’s also a great teacher, and he’s proven it to his 30,000+ current students. If you’re looking to learn from someone who doesn’t just knows the path to publishing success, but also knows how to light the path and be your guide every step of the way, this is it. Tom is also recording special Q&A videos for every student so you’ll get every single one of your questions answered in detail. This is a game-changer.

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